Restructuring Main Street is impossible without funding. It's critical to ensure economic support from both the city and the public. We seek to preserve and highlight the city's unique assets, like our historic buildings and storefronts, while raising enough capital to provide for improvements and new projects.

Likewise, this point is also dedicated to helping small businesses themselves. We are committed to creating a positive community where entrepreneurs feel welcome and small businesses can flourish. This means helping them restructure their economic standing and move into Lockport and take their business further, or to help existing Lockport businesses to expand.

Promotion is all about putting Lockport in a positive light and emphasizing what makes it special. We showcase the historic Erie Canal and Flight of Five Locks, the distinctive architecture, the unique small businesses, and the friendly faces you'll see in our downtown commercial district.

This group takes all the things that make Lockport special and aims to showcase them. These volunteers promote Lockport through advertising, special events and other marketing campaigns. Overall, these programs aim to engage community members who already live in Lockport, while simultaneously encouraging others to visit and patronize our businesses, perhaps even deciding to relocate their family or business to Lockport.




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The Organization Team works to get everyone in the Lockport community working toward one goal. That involves assembling all the resources we need to revitalize Main Street, such as local government support and financial necessities.

This team also handles structuring of the Main Street program itself. In our case, the organization relies heavily upon volunteers. These volunteers can devote more time and become part of committees or our governing board. And to keep even the organization team organized, there is a paid Program Director who divides responsibilities and builds cooperation between everyone involved.

You can't have a bustling Main Street that doesn't look the part. Luckily, even before Lockport Main Street, the city came with a good foundation. Though we unfortunately lost many of our historic storefronts, plenty still remain on Main St. and East Ave. like the Niagara County National Bank and Public Library. Our wide streets allow for scenic medians and easy parking.

We focus on preserving these natural resources while improving everything else, like sidewalks, parking, and other scenic displays. We encourage new building and renovations, especially from small businesses who want to invest in Lockport. When Main Street looks its best, it's encouraging to visitors, business owners and even those who live here.

Economic Restructuring

Here at Lockport Main Street, we have adopted the Four-Point Approach from Main Street America. The four points of the Main Street approach, — Organization, Promotion, Design, & Economic Restructuring  — work together to build a sustainable and complete community revitalization effort.​  ​By focusing primarily on a Four-Point Development Plan, this approach advocates a return to community self-reliance, local empowerment, and the rebuilding of traditional commercial districts. 

We've organized our efforts and volunteers to fit these four points, with every volunteer working somewhere that best fits their talents.