Art in the Windows Beautification Program


Name of Program: Art in the Windows

This program is a public art initiative through Lockport Main Street Inc. in partnership with the Grigg Lewis Foundation. 40 large scale reproductions of local art will go on display in the empty windows of available storefronts in the downtown corridor of Lockport, NY. Artists who either live in, or have studio space within the city or town of Lockport are invited to submit up to five works for consideration for the program. Selected works will be photographed at high resolution and reproduced large scale (up to 4'x5') for public display. All selected works will be displayed with the artist and artwork information as described below. Works will be rotated on a regular basis ensuring maximum visibility of each piece. When store fronts are rented, works will move to the Lockport Main Street Inc office for storage and future use in the project.

 Work Media: Painting (any medium), Drawing, Illustration, Photography, 2-Dimensional Mixed Media, Digital Image

Work Size: any


Cover letter with Artists Contact information (phone and email) and home address/ studio address, List of submitted works by title, media type and dimensions
Up to five Images are to be submitted by email or burnt to cd/dvd with 300dpi resolution, jpeg format and 4″ x 6″ image size, approximately.
Artist Resume including biography, educational background, and exhibition record.

Timeline: Project installation target date June 1, 2017

Entries Due: February 24, 2017 11:59pm

Selection Process: 40 artworks will be selected by committee during the week of March 6-10, 2017

Notification to Artist: March 15-17, 2017 all selected artists will be contacted via phone and email. All artists who submit works for consideration will be notified via email of the committee's decision. 40 pieces will be selected at this time for the pilot installation, however, works may be selected to be held on file for future reproduction consideration. If this occurs the artist will be contacted for permission at that time.

Photography of Works: The selected works of art will be photographed at high resolution to be used for reproduction. Appointments will be set for March 20-31 between the hours of 9am-5pm, Monday- Friday. The artists, or an assigned representative must be available during this date range to have works photographed.

Accepted Artwork: This is a public art installation and works are to reflect a quality of respect to the general public, residents and visitors alike. No imagery of vulgar, pornographic or racist subject matter will be considered. If any of the submitted works do not adhere to the above statement the artist as a whole will not be considered for participation. We uphold this requirement because we are representing the artists that are part of the program and must be able to stand behind their works and vision.

Reception: Date TBD, a street style festival with booths for each displayed artist will take place in June of 2017.

Exhibit Ends: This will be an ongoing project within the city of Lockport's downtown corridor. There is no designated end date to the Art in the Windows project.

Publicity: Lockport Main Street Inc. will be advertising the project through local news channels as well as social media, publicly placed posters and flyers, and direct mailings. Every artwork displayed will include the name of the artist, work, original dimensions, media type and artist contact (if desired by artist).

Sales: No commission or direct compensation will be made to the artists for the inclusion of their piece into the collection and displays. Opportunities for the sale of works will be made available at the opening reception as well as interested party's direct contact with the artist.

Contact: Jessica L. Dittly, Program Director, Lockport Main Street Inc.1 East Ave. Lockport, NY 14094 (716)434-0212

Copyright © Lockport Main Street, Inc. Photos © Lindsay Yates, All rights reserved. 

Art in the Windows

Art in the Windows is a new beautification program being administered thru Lockport Main Street Inc. with funding support by Grigg Lewis Foundation. Art in the Windows aims to turn the downtown corridor of Main Street into a walkable art gallery of Lockport Artists. Are you interested in submitting your work for consideration? See the Call to Artists below!